This week anecdote: It’s not you, it’s them

– We are getting a lot of quote requests, but when it comes to getting the job, we get told that we are too expensive. Is it time for us to lower our price? – she said.

We were having a Skype consultation, and we could feel her frustration. When we looked at the business’ brand and marketing efforts, all done in-house by herself, we clearly saw the problem. Their brand wasn’t coherent with her current customers base because they gave the impression that they were an affordable accountants company.

We recommended benchmarking their brand with what their ideal customers would consume. In plain words, if your client consumes Waitrose you can’t look like Asda and expect them to find you. The same goes with the messaging that you portrait.

So there’s the tip: Your business values, your branding and marketing and your ideal customers should be aligned, speak the same visual language and tone of voice.

She hanged up and 3 minutes later we had an email saying how obvious the answer was, but she needed someone to tell her. Sometimes we need another pair of eyes to see where the problem lays. We love the feeling when a client gets satisfied.

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