Three great ideas to create your website content

One of my clients is struggling with their website content. When she talks about her business, I’m sold. But when she supplied me a word document, the words typed on it sound dull. We decided to have a session on how to structure her website and the content.

A lot of people struggle to create the content of their website or the blog post. And I’m not surprised, we all good at something but we can’t be good at everything. I am not a great writer myself, but I have the urge to communicate, to share knowledge… to help. So here are my three techniques that I use when I get stuck with my content.

Record yourself

Most of us are good at talking, so one of my favourite techniques is to voice my thoughts and record them on my mobile. This is a great technique for blog posts or some of the website content. Some programmes convert your voice and convert it into text, you will have to edit it later on, but you will have a lot of it typed. This technique will help you to reflect your tone of voice in your words.

Video content

A video isn’t great for SEO. However, there are ways around, like adding some notes with keywords below the video, which would help. The video is great for engagement and builds an emotional connection. Seeing you talk about your business, your potential client will get to know you better and feel less awkward to use your services.

Get a copywriter

There is a time where investing in a copyrighter is the right choice. They will put into words what you can’t. Also, will ensure that the copy is SEO compliant with the keywords that you. I think a small business you have to choose wisely when to pay for a service to ensure it’s efficient and worthwhile.

How was it?

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