5 tips to increase conversions

Some time ago we wrote about starting an e-commerce. Today, we thought we’d check how is this going? Are you converting your visitors into customers?

To help you out on this last point we have put together some tips that will assist with that conversion. Remember the rules of testing: Hypothesis, Test, Analysis, Application. Repeat. (Tweet this)

1. Clear and obvious call to actions

If you want people to click on “Shop now” button, don’t make the button grey and label it “Obtain now”.  Make it in a bright colour (avoid red, which has connotations of cancel and danger) and call it “Shop now”. Testing colours is an interesting test to check what colour converts best.

2. Simple and fast checkout

Don’t complicate the shopping process. Keep it straightforward and linear. Not long ago I came across with a site where to purchase two items you had to go through two transactions. That put me off to buy from that website. Make sure your checkout process is consistent, simple and fast because the user is looking for a helpful and trustworthy site.

3. Keep it above the fold

Bear in mind that people won’t necessary will scroll down your site. On average people can have over ten websites open at the same time. If you hide things, people won’t look for it. Make sure that your offers and most purchased items are visible without having to scroll down.

4. Be transparent with prices

Mark your pricing correctly, if there is a discount make it bright and clear. If there are extra costs like shipping, it’s good, to be honest from the start than disappoint someone at the end.

5. Make your site trustworthy

Including reviews, testimonials and trust marks help people to relax and trust your site. Most of the purchases happen on the 6th or 7th visit to your website after the user has investigated for the different providers.


In conclusion, your e-commerce will convert if your site looks professional, trustworthy and it’s simple to use. Eye-catching elements aid the user to click on the right places and guide them through your site to the cart and through checkout.

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