Trends to create a business today

Doing business today is not much different than in older time. The client is the centre of our focus, and we have to keep them happy, so they become loyal. But being helpful is not enough you need to create relationships.

But how?

1. Befriend your clients

We are human, not robots. And digital life hasn’t changed the way we sell and relate to our customers. The rules of the game might have changed, but the technique is the same. You need to become your customer’s friend, they need to feel special, and well looked after. The tick is, understand what they need and give it to them. You don’t want to befriend anybody that might be a potential, but you can do pay attention to the people that have already become your client. For example, around Christmas, I always make sure to wish them a lovely festive time and give them a present, last year was a notebook.

Instagram screenshot from a client

2. Customer journey

What is the path that your potential customers will follow to become clients, before becoming friends? You need to map it. Because this way you are going to understand the way they will come to you and be prepared to receive them. With my clients, we always do a brainstorming where we map in a visual way how would they come. Journeys are rarely lineal, but the time is, so I take the before,  during and after as reference.

3. The experience

You need to find a good way to guarantee an excellent experience for your customers. It’s tough to get their attention and very easy to lose it. The way to do it if from the first contact, say a boosted blog post from Google, those 3 seconds need to capture their attention, and from there the tone of voice and the following steps need to be smooth and not pushy.

Automatisation are really good to free up your time but ensure they don’t look like automatisation and if they do, make it evident and fun. MOO, uses a Little MOO, as if it was a little robot that helps MOO, it sounds cute and takes the feel of it just an automatic email.

Most of this it’s common sense, it’s about not hassling but being there. 


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