User experience is more that a tech thing. It’s your brand!

We received a present from a client who bought it from Selfridges. The user experience we had made us reflect that we usually only focus on UX in a technological sense. But do we pay enough attention to offline experiences? Let’s stop saying UX, and let’s call it branding experience.

It’s 10.34 on a Friday morning. An email makes my mobile buzz while the doorbell rings. The email from a client says: ‘Between 10.30 and 13.00, you should get a packet. Will someone be in to get it?”. The man at the door has the packet. All is well timed!

We open the box, and the distinctive Selfridges yellow starts showing from inside the box. We see a delicate wrapping paper with a sticker that reads ‘Fab!’. We set aside the wrapping paper, and an envelope appears, reading: ‘Open Me’.


It’s all very simple, but the whole experience is just beautiful, making us feel unique. Even if all Selfridges customers had the same experience that day, it felt so special to us. User experience is part of the brand value.

How you deliver your service has to be seen as a whole experience.

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