What is growth?

When I started my business, I assumed that I had to grow. I felt like, at some point, I would need to employ people, have an office in Central London, seek investment and become a CEO. But all the above is not in my nature. I am not in business for the money; of course, it is what I have chosen to make a living, but it’s not the REASON WHY I am in business.

Last week Lydia Thornley and I launched our second Studio Snack episode, a podcast that you can listen to in the time that you can eat a biscuit. In this episode, we talked about growth, which kept me thinking for the rest of the week. You can listen here 👇🏼

Growth can not look exponential, which is the vision we usually have when we think about success. Nothing in nature has that type of growth because it is unsustainable. We have to change the paradigm. We have to be more generous and share the resources will all living things and ensure that we don’t endanger our planet. Some frightening reports say that we’ll be reaching the end of energy resources earlier than expected. The fact that prices are rising it’s not because of Ukraine. It’s only a pretext. Humans can and have to live with less. Maybe growth is growth in kindness? Growth in knowledge? Growth in cooperation?

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