What’s your business type?

Typography is another of the key elements to create brand consistency. By typography, we refer to anything to to with fonts, from the type to the weight. It’s important to choose one (or two) fonts to represent your business and keep using it throughout your assets.

We’ll explain some key concepts to help you choose your type, always remember to bear in mind who is you the customer and your business proposition (because if you are an online business, your font should be web-friendly).

Why type matters?

Typography is emotional: depending on the font that you use for your business you will evoke a different feeling.

Setting your tone of voice: like when you shout or whisper, depending on the font that you use you will be doing the same.

What’s your type?


Serif: also known as Roman, is that type of minimal decoration at the tips of each character. The most famous one is Time New Roman. This type is often associated with classic and traditional. Very good readability when it’s applied in long texts, that’s the reason why a lot of papers and magazine use them for their main content.

Sans-serif: the most famous one possible is Arial. It’s a typography with no decoration a the end of the sticks. A type used on modern brands. It’s simple, and it still has a good readability.

Script or calligraphic: those fonts that emulate the handwriting are called Script. They are ideal for titles and highlight texts, but usually, when they are in long texts, the human eye gets tired. Depending on the stroke you will represent sophistication or friendliness.

Decorative: a decorative font could be from graffiti style type to Halloween scary fonts. They usually have a very specific purpose and don’t usually read very well, so they have to be used in moderation and wisely.

Play with the fonts

How would you feel if you received an email all in capitals and in red? Ecsacly, shout out! This is what we mean by playing with the fonts.


With the types, create the emotions you are looking for. For example, you can use the weight of the font will say a lot. If you are looking for a delicate and elegant look, you’ll get a great result with a Light font. For brands that want to make a statement, nothing will beat a Bold or even a Black.

Free fonts and copyright

When you use a font, you have to make sure you have the rights to use it. Read the licence of the font and understand that you are not bridging any Intelectual Property Law.

Dafont.com — DaFont is one of the famous ones. You can find thousands of free and paid fonts.
Google fonts — Free open-source, web-optimized fonts, perfect for brands that their principal business is online.


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