Why am I coworking?

Today is my first day in a new coworking space. For four years I have been renting a desk, most of this time at Canal Studios and now at the Trampery and Granty. For a small business like me it works really well, and this is why:

Switch living from working spaces

When I use to work from the kitchen table, I found really difficult to switch from the home mood to working mood, plus washing up took priority all of a sudden when it wasn’t earlier in the morning before starting work.

Talk to people and network

More than once, when I worked from home a friend would call me at 5 pm, and the first thing they’d ask is: “were you sleeping?”. I always had to explain that they were the first person I spoked the whole day. So coworking does help you to have some company and warm up your voice.

Another collateral benefit is networking. I have a few clients which they come from the coworking space. The convenience of having your designer in the same room makes you attractive to your coworkers.

Expand and contract is easier

For a small business, expanding and shrinking is quite crucial, and in the beginning, it is quite tricky because you don’t have the structure. In a coworking space, you might be able to use a hotdesk for, or you can take one or two extra desks when it is convinient. But also the opposite, if work slows down you can contact your business by giving up some desks.

News skills available

Same reason that you find clients you can find skills near you. Usually, coworking spaces have all sort of people, for example at some point I had a web developer nearby which was convenient for me as they could help me with some of my work.

Community and belonging

In a company you get the feeling of belonging, the coworking space creates a similar feel as well as usually creates a nice feel of community.

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