Why should a small business have a website?

Why should a small business have a website?

Having a website isn’t as much as a luxury nowadays. It doesn’t even cost millions, you can use a templated WordPress to start with. Like social media and anything in your business, you have to spend the time and money that deserves. For example, at this moment my website is an extension of my business card, it’s not being used for sale or even to be found on Google. So I invest minimum time.

But what are the benefits for a small business?

Show Up in Local Search Results

When people Google your business, if you are relying on getting business locally your site should be linked to google maps. If your company doesn’t appear on google, you will always have to find business from word of mouth.

Showcase Your Products and Services

As I said above, my website is an extension of my business card. I use it to show what I do and what I offer. True, also to share my knowledge, as you are reading this blog.

Improve Your Business’s Credibility

The online presence today is essential to be a credible business. The first thing we all do when we hear about something is to check it online. If your potential customers don’t find you, you will project unprofessionalism. I know it sounds superficial, but it’s like when you go to a meeting or a date you make an effort.

Collect Customer Information and other tools

A website can help you collect information from your customers, so then you can contact them when you need it. Don’t spam them, give value and they will keep coming and using your services. But you can also use your website to sell products, host a blog, agenda for your customers and an infinity of other uses.

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