Babylon Migrants Project

In our collaboration with the Babylon Project, we were inspired by the historic symbolism of the Ishtar Gate as an emblematic entrance to creativity. Tasked with branding and design, we …

Abo Saleem

Abo Saleem Packaging

Kishani ceramics inspire the band with a modern and traditional look and feel. In the logo’s centre, we kept the original name written in Arabic, which makes the logo bilingual. …



Empello’s branding is a play in letters EM created with the letter M, to give a personality that many digital companies lack.


We searched for the essence of the prime material. The thread is how the product starts, and from there, it takes the form that you want to make, so it …

Trees against poverty

A brand for an incredible charity that tries to help the environment by empowering the people from Syria.


Rehoboth is about sharing food and hapiness.


Apricus is an organisation that helps businesses to shine a light on a dark issue.


Har/Che is a business consultancy advising companies on investments in Africa. With their integrated, proficient, and experienced support service, they are in every customer journey stage. We were asked to …

Novum Office

The thinking behind When we had the brief from Paul, we understood from the very beginning that Novum was a status quo changing business. We use the moon phases to …