We searched for the essence of the prime material. The thread is how the product starts, and from there, it takes the form that you want to make, so it shows the bespoke ethos of the company.

Digby Wells Environmental Impact Report

A report doesn’t need to be boring, when you spent time writing a good piece of content the best thing to do is present it with honourable visuals. This is what we did with this Impact Report, we had fun playing with their brand and the Gaudí style trencadís.

Trees against poverty

A brand for an incredible charity that tries to help the environment by empowering the people from Syria.


Rehoboth is about sharing food and hapiness.


Apricus is an organisation that helps businesses to shine a light on a dark issue.


Rationale This concept uses a forward slash to separate HAR from CHE, forward slash, being ascendant denotes positive and optimistic. It is also a modern character, usually used in digital. It can be sued throughout the brand as a separator and angle to bring dynamism to the brand. Like the previous concept, the colour scheme is about passion and corporate—seriousness …

Novum Office

The thinking behind When we had the brief from Paul, we understood from the very beginning that Novum was a status quo changing business. We use the moon phases to guide us through the brand. It was the night of the day. That’s how we came up with the concept where the colours and the look felt like a summer …